Axis of Ostriches Redux: Iran’s Failure

My last blog entry examined whether or not there was some connection between ostrich raising and seeking WMD. It was inspired by this story, about Iranian efforts to construct a 1500meter long ostrich meat sandwich in order to promote Iran’s ostrich farming industry. I wrote about how both North Korea and al-Qaeda have tried to get into the ostrich business, and mused about whether this could be a reliable indicator of intentions to acquire WMD.

Iran’s effort to construct a BIG big bird grinder was ultimately unsuccessful. People ate it before the sandwich was measured by Guinness officials. The implications of this are staggering. Clearly Tehran is beset with mass hunger (I mean these people were rushing to ostrich meat for heaven’s sake) indicating that the regime is not providing essential services and could be unstable – although attempting to construct giant ostrich meat sandwiches is evidence of instability in its own right.

The failure to complete a giant, promised project is yet another blow to the regime’s shaky credibility.

This is also evidence that sanctions are working. If there were Subways in Iran (there are none), you bet they would have gotten that sandwich done right, and at a good value (and with more toppings.

The frightening thought is that constructing a nuclear weapon may be easier than breaking the world’s record for largest ostrich sandwich.

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  1. They won’t let in IAEA inspections. And they won’t let the Guinness people inspect their sandwiches. There’s a link there somewhere.

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