Renovations & Rightsizing: Blog Changes

I’ve decided to merge VeepCritique into TerrorWonk because if there is one thing we should all learn from GM, it is that too many brands can kill you. In theory, it would be great to have a blog focused on terrorism and a blog on the research for my thesis on the role of the vice president in national security process. But for a blog to be any good, it needs almost daily posting. I am having enough trouble with weekly posting and by having two distinct blogs, I am barely posting monthly on each.

I am also hoping to merge in my old blog that used to live at Profiles in Terror.

I never hewed strictly to just terrorism as a topic and national security process issues are not unrelated to terrorism issues. But now the blog’s range has expanded to pretty much anything I am interested in – although that will mostly be linked one way or another to international affairs.

TerrorWonk is a good name and it has served me well. But I will try to develop a moniker that better reflects the diversity of things I like to write about – without being so general as to leave casual browsers wondering what this blog is all about.

But most importantly, for my regular readers – I will strive to post more often.

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks, it made my day to have reader who was interested in my branding issues.

    Your suggestion is the obvious thing to do (and if you go to you land on TerrorWonk.)

    But I was thinking of a name that lets people know what this stuff is about. TerrorWonk is good, but as I build a new equity in national security process in general and the VP in particular, I’d like to let the world know they can learn about it here.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

    As always, there is the danger I will just over think this!

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