9/11 Finding Help and Hope

In Judaism the day begins in the evening and the day before is known as erev. So, as I write this it is erev 9/11 and its 20th anniversary is a day of contemplation. As an analyst and a scholar, I have many thoughts on what happened and what has come since. I’ll save them […]

Beyond Tourism: Billionaires in Space

Updated from original post of July 11, 2021. We have a full-blown billionaire space race going. Elon Musk is launching cars into space for … reasons. Richard Branson is now the first private astronaut – he rushed to beat Jeff Bezos. What to make of this? Where will this private space race go? The technical […]

July 4 Thoughts about Juneteenth and Reparations

It’s July 4, one of our oldest national holidays, but I keep thinking on our newest national holiday – Juneteenth – and how the two fit together nicely. July 4th celebrates the Declaration of Independence on the founding of the United States as a new nation. Juneteenth represents a small step in commemorating that our […]

On Canada Day: Words and Numbers

I’m an American fan of Canada. Not for its generous social welfare programs, although those are nice. Nor do I claim any particular expertise on Canadian politics or history (although I am interested.) I am first, grateful to have such a fantastic neighbor. The Canadian-American border is a marvel, the longest peaceful border in the […]

Are the supply chains ok?

In his PostEverything post yesterday morning, Daniel Drezner argued against conventional wisdom, stating that global supply chains are fine. A year ago, we were all worried about toilet paper. More recently, the world watched as the ginormous container ship the Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal and now the world auto industry is […]

Learning to Teach

I never really thought I wanted to teach. I wanted to do brilliant research, write important things and be famous. As I drift (tumble) into middle-age, I have done some research and written some things. It is safe to say that I have not set the world on fire and am unlikely to do so. […]