Real Cyberwar: Mannes & Hendler in the Washington Times

This morning, The Washington Times ran an op-ed on cyberwar I co-wrote with my friend (and former boss) Jim Hendler. Much has been written about cyber-war, but very little of it is grounded in reality. Many over-hype the issue while others discount it completely. Much of the misinformation about cyberwar revolves around denial of services […]

Aaron Mannes in the Guardian: Russia-Georgia CyberWar Assessment

The Guardian Online just posted an assessment I co-wrote with my friend Jim Hendler (computer science professor at RPI) about the Georgia-Russia Cyberwar. The first modern cyberwar? Aaron Mannes and James HendlerFriday August 22 2008 The Russian-Georgian conflict is being described as the first time cyber-attacks have accompanied an actual war. Last year, the Russian-Estonian […]

Golden Oldie: Russian-Estonian Cyberwar Overview

Spring 2007, a spat between Russia and Estonia was accompanied by a “cyberwar.” With my friend, and former boss, Jim Hendler (now a professor at RPI) I wrote an overview. The story is now relevant again for assessing the cyber component of the Georgian-Russian conflict. This difference is that this time, for all of the […]