Advice for Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate in USA Today

USA TODAY OPINION ‘The vice presidency is a good gig’: Here’s some advice for Joe Biden’s 2020 running mate   Aaron Mannes, Opinion contributor Published 5:02 a.m. ET Aug. 2, 2020 You didn’t become vice president just for future opportunities. You want to make a difference now. There’s good news and bad news. Congratulations […]

Listening to Women, Learning Empathy

Somehow this Rothko captures the mood. I am not writing this to advertise myself as some wonderful “woke” guy who really gets all of the indignities and awfulness that women suffer. My hope here is to share my path to at least a glimmer of empathy in the hope that it will help and inform […]

Technology, Risk and Facebook’s Dating Service

Facebook, thanks for providing the perfect demonstration of my recent paper on risk communication and technology, presented at WeRobot2018. In starting a new dating service, Facebook shows exactly the cluelessness that I worried tech world had about public attitudes. Full disclosure, I really like Facebook. I enjoy it immensely and there is a decent chance […]