College Park Maryland Cougar Video: Unanswered Questions

Here is footage of the Savannah Cat terrorizing the University of Maryland College Park. Notice how easily the cat disappears from the camera. Why did it allow itself to be caught on camera at that time? Steganography perhaps? A signal to al-Cata? Meanwhile, what else does the University know? What else are they concealing from […]

Large Cats@UMD Updates & Analysis: Infiltration Potential

My top secret campus briefing has been confirmed by mainstream media. First, the sightings were not humidity-induced mirages. Security cameras on campus have captured the elusive large cat’s image. Specialists have determined that it is not a cougar, but probably a Savannah Cat. A Savannah Cat is a mix between a Serval and a domestic […]

Cougar of College Park

Usually this blog focuses on the threat of trans-national terrorism – but major threats come in various forms. Reports of a cougar stalking the University of Maryland College Park (where, full disclosure, I am employed as a researcher) could represent more than a wayward large cat (strictly speaking cougars are not “great cats” because they […]